Dr Ph (re) d/Research? Maybe, I love doing research!
I talk a bit loud as I have a small hearing problem. I'm not afraid to speak my mind in a respectful way to get a message across. I try to use logic and document my thoughts/views with website links to back up any position I comment on. My wife is the most treasured person in my home. I receive my legal information from her since she spends her day in the legal environment. God rules over all, even when we think He doesn't. Not too old to learn but too old to be fooled twice...okay, three times! Grew up in Azusa, Covina, and Diamond Bar, CA. I'm the youngest of four. My Father is known all over the world but I'm not and never want to be. I'm in your mind saying, "Be nice, don't cheat your neighbor, desire his/her goods, his wife/her husband, and put God/Jesus Christ above all. If you believe that your heart is aligned with God/Jesus Christ, then why do you do what's contrary to Matthew 7:1-5? I have a bit of a formal education in Business Administration, Theology, Finance, some Economics (Macro), and a bit of Psychology. I attended Citrus College and Liberty University. We have the pleasure of speaking our opinion, so if you like/don't like what I have said, please be respectful to me & all others while refraining in Ad hominem remarks.
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Dr Research? Maybe, I love research! commented on article "San Clemente Man Missing for a Week" in Police & Fire September 25, 2013 at 11:29 am