Board taps District's Own Wendy Sinnette as New Superintendent

The assistant superintendent of human resources will take the reins from Jim Stratton, who's held the post for the last six years.

appointed a new superintendent Tuesday with more than 25 years of education experience.

Wendy Sinnette, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources for LCUSD, will replace superintendent Jim Stratton, officially taking his seat in August. The announcement was made this morning at district offices.

Stratton and will work until July. He hopes to make time for college teaching, volunteering, writing projects, travel and spend time with friends and family in Santa Fe.

Stratton and the Governing Board of La Cañada Unified School District voted in a special meeting to appoint Sinnette.

“She’s a great choice because as a member of cabinet, she’s been part of the operations for the entire district the last several years,” Stratton said.

Sinnette has experience working with budget, construction and education programs, Stratton said.

“That’s exactly someone you want coming in as a new superintendent,” Stratton said.

Sinnette’s career with the district began in 2002. The educator worked as principal for and before becoming assistant superintendent.

The new appointee will continue to protect district programs, including arts electives and keeping class sizes low.

“The most important thing would be just to work with all of our groups to continue the outstanding accomplishments alongside everybody and everybody’s support,” Sinnette said.

The high standard for quality education will continue, Sinnette said.

We’re out here to care for students and to make sure they’re successful. “We really owe our parents a huge thanks, they’re amazing with their volunteerism and constant giving to La Cañada School District.”

Sinnette taught pre-school and worked in an administrative support role at the Child Education Center in La Cañada. She taught at the high school level, teaching subjects such as U.S. History, Government, Economics, World Literature and Women in Literature. Before working in La Cañada, she worked at Holy Angels Elementary School in Arcadia.

Sinnette has a good reputation in the community for her work in education, said Governing Board Vice President Scott Tracy. 

“Honestly, I’ve never had anyone say anything negative about Wendy Sinnette in this community,” said Tracy. “I couldn’t be more thrilled knowing she would be superintendent.”

There will be a reception for Sinnette at the next School Board meeting on February 15.

Coupled with her background, experience and relationship with parents and children in the community, she is very familiar with new programs and processes in the district, said President Susan Boyd.

“We are very excited about having her,” Boyd added. “We think she’s absolutely the best person for the job.”

Dudley Killam January 19, 2011 at 07:03 AM
Tremendous! Wendy is an ideal choice!


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