Schiff: America Won Gold in Science by Landing Curiosity

Rep. Adam Schiff argues in a Washington Post editorial that although the rover Curiosity landed on Mars, back on Earth, funding for the space program is still at risk.

locals and people worldwide are experiencing the afterglow of landing the on the Red Planet, according to Rep. Adam Schiff in his recent Washington Post op-ed

"Meanwhile, back on Earth, the Mars program — the crown jewel of NASA’s incredibly successful and popular planetary science program — is trying to fend off devastating attacks on its budget," wrote Schiff, who represents La Cañada. 

Rep. Adam Schiff argued it is going to take more than NASA scientists holding bake sales at La Canada High School

"The public indignation at the savaging of the Mars program — outrage expressed by scientists, grass-roots organizations such as the Planetary Society and individuals in calls, e-mails and visits to Congress; social-media campaigns; and bake sales and even shoe shines to raise awareness — has prompted NASA officials to reconsider. We in Congress are doing our part: The House has moved to restore $88 million of the administration’s proposed cuts, and the Senate has moved to put back $100 million. It is likely that even more of the funds will be restored in the final appropriations legislation. The success of the Curiosity landing will only intensify the pressure on NASA leaders to move forward and not rest on the laurels of a Mars program built up by others."

Read the full Washington Post op-ed here


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