VIDEO: Area Republicans, Democrats React to Obama's Re-Election

Diamond Bar Republicans and Pasadena area Democrats share their thoughts on the presidential election.

Cheers for some led to messages of doom from others as area Democrats and Republicans shared different takes on Tuesday night's election, which witnessed the re-election of Barack Obama as president.

In Pasadena, crowds cheered for Obama's re-election at Burger Continental, with volunteers from Pasadena United Democratic Headquarters, 25th District incumbent candidate Sen. Carol Liu, 41st State Assembly candidate Chris Holden and Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard.

Obama campaign volunteer Jessica Cristo, a faculty member at East L.A. College, celebrated the campaign end with her family. 

"We're waiting for Obama to say his speech and really waiting for Romney to concede. It definitely looks good for the next four years," Christo told Patch. 

Shirlette Butler-Elder owns Butler-Elder Day Care, a children's day care on Elizabeth Street, in Pasadena. She has worked on the Obama campaign since 2008. 

"We're kind of tired, but we did it. He did it. Who would have thought he would do it again? [The campaign] got really nasty," Butler-Elder told Patch.

The small business owner thought she could lose clients at her day care if Romney was elected because some of her children benefit from a government assisted program called Options, she said. The child care and humane services agency allows parents to work or attend school. 

Husband and wife volunteers Ron and Mary Ellen Braden dressed up in Obama gear at the party. 

"We're happy because Obama won for the little man. The millionaires lost tonight and that makes us happy. Obama takes care of the common people. Romney takes care of the rich people. And Romney lost and that's why we're happy," Ron Braden said. 

Happiness was harder to find in Industry, as local business owners, council members and residents gathered at the Pacific Palms Hotel Tuesday to support Senator Bob Huff.

While locals were happy to see the former Diamond Bar council member leading the 29th State Senate race, they were disheartened over Obama's re-election. 

"I'm disappointed because [the presidential race] was so close," said Angella Sweatt, who is a member of the Diamond Bar Republican Women's Group. 

Sweatt felt Romney's background in business could have helped turn the economy around. 

"I've seen so many businesses go out of business locally. My husband was out of work for four months," she said. “People were afraid to spend any kind of money.” 

Huff, who is a former Assemblyman and current State Senator, said he's been frustrated with Obama's agenda. 

"I disagreed with many of the presidents’ policies," he said Tuesday night. "In the second term, we will find what the real president Obama is like."

"I would like to see less of the mentality that the job creators are the enemy, and I think that we have seen a kind of class warfare erupt in the last few years against the have and have-nots," he continued. "... We need to have government more accountable. And that’s at all levels."

Trisha Bowler, who serves as ambassador to Huff, was beyond upset at the news that Obama had been reelected.

"I'm just blown away," she said. "There is something mighty wrong in this country. This country is doomed. Romney would have been the perfect president. It just kills my soul."

Betty November 09, 2012 at 09:52 PM
Betty, Now I want my Obama cell phone and my free minutes. Let me get food stamps and anything else our wonder President is giving away to the American people. Maybe he will pay my rent. What a wonderful man he is.
RDBet November 09, 2012 at 10:33 PM
Jim Aspen = crybaby stock market application.
William Korn November 10, 2012 at 12:58 AM
What a pity for you that the business about free cell phones free minutes and food stamps for everyone and all those other goodies was all invented in the fertile minds of the far right commentators You'll have to work for your cell phone just like over 97% of the rest of us who aren't on TANF. Those who are on TANF don't get 'em. .So sorry to burst your bubble.
alan haskvitz November 10, 2012 at 04:23 AM
Betty, would you mind sharing where you found this information about cell phones and free minutes?
William Korn November 10, 2012 at 05:00 AM
Alan, when you hear a story like the one from Betty, the best place to go is Snopes.com. The link below will reveal to you that a program that subsidized PHONE COMPANIES to offer DISCOUNTED (as in NOT FREE) telephone services to low income persons started in 1984, during the administration of RONNIE RAYGUN, was expanded in 1996 during the BILL CLINTON administration, and expanded in 2008 in the administration of BUSH THE YOUNGER. Funny, President Obama seems to have had nothing to do with it, but two REPUBLICAN presidents DID. http://www.snopes.com/politics/taxes/cellphone.asp Betty is just exercising her God-given right to believe trash thrown at her by the Tea Party, Faux News, and other liars. There's nothing wrong with that, but it is kind of sad she's so gullible.


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