Warning if you have new construction near your home in La Canada

This is an important warning for the residents of La Canada.

The policy of La Canada is that if a building is built illegally, the city will do everything in its power to make that structure legal.

Here is a dismaying example of this policy. 

In 2011 the city of La Canada Planning department accepted 18 year old plans for a garage addition.

The property lines were wrong, the plans were not to scale and two property line adjustments had been made on the property.

The city had a previous application for this building that showed that there was no adequate turn around for a garage at that location and that the plans were inaccurate.

The planning department approved the inaccurate plans.

The applicant then overbuilt the structure by 9 feet.

The city then approved that illegal overbuilt building.

When we claimed the property lines were wrong, we were told to get our own survey.

The city had a survey in their files and could have also looked them up on their GIS system.

The city has circumvented city ordinances including one that forbids unfinished structures to remain for more 180 days.

 This deteriorating structure has sat unfinished for over 680 days, outside my front door.

If you see construction near your home, run to city hall and demand to see all the relevant files planning as well as Building and Safety file immediately, including emails which will not be in the planning file.

Be proactive about any construction especially adjacent to your property.


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