Protecting the Perps

Two armed and dangerous home invasion suspects are at large in our community, and media sources have chosen to protect them, rather than provide their descriptions. Similar crimes have occurred, close to each other, and just days apart, where the suspects were described to police, and the descriptions match. But even with this extreme danger in our community, the story isn't even being reported by some sources. And others deliberately omit the description of the perpetrators, which is a powerful tool in getting them off our streets. We should be provided with every tool available so that we know what to watch out for. But the media clearly has an agenda that is more important than our safety. Perhaps laws need to be created to prevent the media from exercising this level of dishonesty when our community faces this kind of threat.
Brian June 08, 2014 at 01:24 AM
What we have now is State-run television. There are many things local and national media are covering up. One of the most criminal operations being covered up is the man-made engineered 'drought' on the West Coast. If you have never heard of Geoengineering, or aerosol 'chemtrails', look this up on YouTube and at GeoengineeringWatch.org. YouTube: 'Ted Gunderson chemtrails FBI'. Nearly every storm headed for the West Coast off the Pacific Ocean this Fall and Winter season were diminished using aerosol desiccants sprayed from high flying jets. The toxic chemical desiccants in these aerosols absorb atmospheric moisture, lower the humidity and PREVENT precipitation. The high flying jets begin this process two to three days in advance of approaching storms on the West Coast. The aerosol activity has ceased as of May 27 and will commence again in mid to late October when the seasonal change bring chances of rain again. With regard to home invasion robbers and the threat to your life and liberty these criminals present: If you own a firearm keep it handy, for if the sanctity of your home is invaded you may use deadly force inside your home. This is another reality the media is ignoring and covering up. They fact is the media and their puppet reporters are anti-2nd amendment.
TT June 11, 2014 at 09:40 AM
Details that the media censored can be found at the following link http://local.nixle.com/alert/5210316/


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