LCHS Chamber Singers Lifts Everyone's Spirits

With songs dedicated to the families in Newtown, CT, the LCHS Chamber Singers gave the community a night we will never forget.

The conductor of the LCHS Chamber Singers, Jeff Brookey, is a likable guy. He conducts the La Canada High School Chamber Singers with passion and enthusiasm.  

Last Thursday night, more than 30 of his talented singers sang magnificently throughout the 90-minute annual holiday gathering at the La Canada Presbyterian Church.

The lights dimmed as the conductor and his singers took the stage and honored the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School with "The Coventry Carol" and "God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen."

During the song "Alleluia," only one word was sung throughout the three minute piece. It was sung to perfection and gave me goose bumps.

The handsome and talented Matt Fung, sang with the captivating Caroline Kavich. Griffin Can Amringe accompanied them on guitar and vocals, as they sang "Winter Song."

Mr. Brookey encouraged the audience to sing "Joy to the World," as members of the Chamber Singers came down off the stage and sang near the pews.

When all of the women stood onstage to sing "Winter Carol," the exquisite Nora Sagal played the bassoon beautifully.

Next, the men took the stage with a rapturous "Ave Maria."

Nora Sagal took the stage again, and shared with the audience a story about Mr. Brookey and his affinity to the song, "What are you doing New Year's Eve?" Less than a year from hearing the song, Brookey met and married his wife.

Sagal and Robert Toms sang a jazzy rendition of the New Year's Eve song and kept the audience smiling throughout their performance.

The enchanting Katie Pierce, sang "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" with soprano Sharon Han. Joseph Tran played the guitar, as the two ladies in red, won over the audience.

A humorous highlight of the evening was when Jeffrey Goldberg sang, "You're a Mean One, Mr Grinch" in his baritone voice, while the talented Eric Engler played the piano. Both received boisterous applause.

Ali Blake and Erin Blake sang a stunning version of "Love is Christmas," as Joseph Tran accompanied them on guitar.

Next, alumni students were asked by Mr. Brookey to come join the Chamber Singers to sing "Carol of the Bells." This jazzy version had more than 20 alumni standing on stage joyfully singing with the group.

The evening ended as every person inside the church sang "Silent Night." There were a few tears being wiped, as I turned around to say goodbye to some friends. Tears of awe and admiration for these young men and ladies. The Chamber Singers gave us all hope for a 2013 filled with joy and peace through music.


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