Valentine's Video: See What Happens When a Mylar Balloon Hits a Power Line

Mylar balloons bought for holidays like Valentine's Day can cause power outages if they come into contact with power lines. See what happens when the two meet and watch the sparks fly.

Southern California Edison put on a demonstration at their Monrovia offices Tuesday showing what happens when Mylar balloons--like those bought for loved ones on Valentine's Day--fly directly into power lines.

R Terry February 13, 2013 at 08:17 PM
That's only one of the problems with these. I travel to and hike in some really obscure places, even in high mountains of Mexico and I have found mylar ballons (occasionally regular ones as well) at nearly every one of them. They lose helium as they asend then drop to lower elevations where they end up in mountain canyons or ridges sometimes hundreds of miles away. I have found two with notes attached that indicated where they originated. I have even found bear scat with parts of balloons in them. Guess they will eat almost anything.


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